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Alright guys...let's do this. 707 Mystic Messenger 2 

First of all i want to announce for the new ppls who will come here...i don't now when...
a couple things that are going to happen from now on.707 Mystic Messenger 4 

1. I'M NOT GOING TO UPLOAD MORE DRAWINGS, COLORING, ETC HERE. BECAUSE I SUCK AT IT. Yeah they're not really that bad BUT for me, its frustrating trying over and over again. more so since i'm a person of mood. Some times they're fine, some times not. And i'm sick of it. i don't want to spend almost five hours coloring, drawing, etc for a bad result... its discouraging. SO IM DONE WITH IT!707 Mystic Messenger 1 

2. since i'm not uploading more of my art. I will upload instead my editions. wallpapers, etc for ppl' to use free or not. Maybe i will even make some basic Photoshop tutorials for those who want to learn it.707 Mystic Messenger 9 

Second thing.

Next year i'm resuming college but in a different faculty, having so much time to learn what i'm good at and what i'm not i have realized that arts is not really my thing. Instead i'm going to try studying something relating to computers. i'm kinda the guy, man in my house. i fix every little think that broke since my dad does not live with us anymore. Wish me luck. (?)707 Mystic Messenger 6 

And that was everything i had to say.
Mar goes off now!.707 Mystic Messenger 7 

I forgot to tell sooner but my digital tablet died x_x EEEEEEE 

So i was stuck there trying to find a way out for it. (it's a genius one btw) I even brought a new pen that was the problem but didn't work...

So i asked my father (who doesn't live with me) If he could send me a little bit of money, just to buy a new one.
And...Guess what?! ¡He did it! and it wasn't just "a little bit" He sent me almost $100! ($300.000 colombian) So i didn't restrain myself and brought....

A Wacom Intuos!!

¡YAAAAAAAAAY!! Shoutem Boiiiiii 

Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 

I have to say, i had only used it a little and i'm already in love with it! It can detect the pressure so it make things a lot easier for me. Things that i couldn't do with my previous tablet T_T So, it was like maggiiiiiccc...... <3

Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
That's all.
Nothing else to report.
And of course that motivate me to try harder to achieve my dreams so, i will try to be more and more proud of my art! 707 Mystic Messenger 9 
Stay tuned!
+fav Hello there!+fav

I will try to explain myself very clearly, because my english is still too bad.

First of all, because of all sort of reasons, i was out without doing any new works. I've open this DA account thinking i whould update here my work with photoshop: Wallpapers and some sort of thinks. But now that's not my desire...

I have finish school. So i was thinking what to do with my life. Thinks like "Would this be better or...?" where crossing my mind continuosly. So, i finaly decided to skip the university, at least for now. First, because i feel so bad in front of other people... (im kinda like a antisocial...) and i was getting so nervous and paranoic. So, yeah, sick. But from the mind. Second. In my country, colombia, is very, VERY expensive try to go in a U with a faculty of arts. So, im kinda poor so i cant go in one. Three, The ONLY faculty of arts in my city offers just... Graphic design. And that's not what i want. So i figure out that i just have to work in my own from now on until i can afford enough to go in a U for other country. Because im not planing on leave my studies.

First of all. Im not so good enough to make comissions. But you'll see me return with more art skills. Im now kinda inspired by JJcanvas and other stuff so, yeah i want to make the same kind of art. but with more fantasy.

Im sorry, because you'll see my rough skeets and poor progress from now on. But this is the path i chosed. (?)

And sooooo...Sorry for my mistakes in my writing but... like i have said. im not a native english person. in fact. English is very bad in my own country xDDD

My projects are secret for now. But soon you'll understand what i'm planning.
Hope you'll see soon!

Kisses, Heart Heart Heart 
Bueno, el que quiera entender esto, si es que acaso habla ingles, que use un traductor...

Bueno llevo tiempo sin actualizar esta cosa debido a problemas que no comentare ¿porque? porque no les importa...
Estoy trabajando en nuevos proyectos pero me tomaran un tiempo antes de poder compartirlos aquí en esta comunidad de "artistas"...
También que, Ultimamente he desarrollado cierta aficcion a estar jugando videojuegos todo el dia, por lo que muy poco estare pasando por aquí.

Si hay algo que deseen saber hacerca de mi, o de mi trabajo, no duden en preguntar...Les respondere, dependiendo de como me traten así seran tratados, tenganlo en cuenta...

Si eres fanatico de alguno de mis trabajos y los sigues en el "anonimato" mas te vale que...Sigas estas sencillas reglas:

1) Puedes compartir mi trabajo siempre y cuando lo hagas a través del link que los redirija a mi perfil, De cualquier otro modo, Podrías enfrentar problemas legales serios..

2) Comentar, al menos, para decir "Gracias" o dejar tu siempre humilde opinion...

3) No descargar y resubir, postear, compartir, utilizar nada de lo que esta aquí sin pedir permiso, Lo comparto, Sí, Pero eso no quiere decir que hagas con el lo que te de la gana...

4) Mi trabajo vale, Ok? Asi que muestren respeto...

A parte de eso no tengo mas nada que decir, Salvo que si eres un chico, y estas buscando una chica para tontear NO ESTOY DISPONIBLE. Me refiero a que, ultimamente me han llegado algunos mensajes de chicos buscando relaciones y asi. NO. amigos, SI. pero no quiero relaciones por el momento ¿Quedo claro?

No doy facebook, Ni twitter, Ni msn, Ni Skype ni nada...Asi que no me lo pidan, Que no los van a obtener...

Es todo lo que tenia que decir, Gracias...

Ok ...
took months without updating my Deviant Art
Is unforgivable!
But ... I'm here with new ideas
that very soon I will launch
Just wish more people visit me and comment my work u_u
I have only three things to ask if you are reading this:

-If you like my work, please follow me xD
-Do not steal anything, I find it hard work and time to do what they see
-Whenever I share my work, give me the credit due me
-give me points or whatever you use here xD

I just ask those little things and please comment my work, I like to share it ... but it makes me sad that no one values ​​my effort u_u

Below my data:

Name: Margarita ¬ ¬
Age: I have 16!
Sign: I'm Taurus ...
Birthday: May 11
Likes: Flan
Dislikes: not really put here xD
Personality: ok, I'm very kind and friendly to those who are close to me, the others ... I tend to be rather cold, especially if they are strangers, I'm crazy xDD and happy and fun but very shy! sometimes I put soy nonsense ...

I love anime! everything connected with it, makes me lose my sanity xD and spent nearly 24 hours a day watching anime or manga! dream really find a guy like my favorite anime series: Sexy, overprotective, Amable (only with me all of the above XD) and I value and take care of me ...Able to do anything for me! but there is ... no! xD
Jejejeje Hi all!

Recently this and believe that it serves neither xDDD
well, I'm otaku (do not you noticed? XD)
and therefore I love anime and manga! I'm working on some projects
later perhaps bring them something!

Well, I do not speak English! I suck! (ok, no, I'm good but I'm lala xD)
and emmm, you can know me as Hotaruhi tahanaka! aunke ...
My friends tell me ^ ^ Rui!

I'm from Colombia ... I speak Spanish (obviously not? XD)
In short, I am a lover of photography, drawing, art and music!
if you can not upload photos ... n_nUu

because my hobby is taking pictures of the sky! I'm always there!
and I love to share xD

Well, do not steal anything eh? ¬ ¬
I work hard, everything is drawn by me: Marblo!
you can find my signature on my drawings xD

no piracy or sued ¬ ¬ xDD